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Vehicle Interior Carpet Cleaning

Automotive Carpet Cleaning is a perfect solution to spills, stains, pet dander and matting in vehicle interiors. Western Power Wash & Detail uses high quality equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure your carpet is left fresh and clean. High quality automotive carpet cleaning extractors utilize hot pressurized solution water that is injected into the carpet to break down stains and soils. Immediately after the stream of hot solution is injected into the carpet, a high-powered vacuum motor extracts the solution from the carpet with a precision extractor wand. This allows the particles and grime to be loosened and suspended in hot solution so that the high powered vacuum motor can remove dirt and stains and leave the carpet smelling like new. carpet_extraction_cleaningcarpet_cleaning_resultsvehicle interior carpet cleaning extraction Automotive Carpet Cleaning is ideal for vehicles of all sizes from RV’s to buses and cars to trucks. The result is fresh, clean and soft carpet that leaves vehicles smelling like new. Automotive Carpet Cleaning is great for owners looking to sell a vehicle, or owners who have just purchased and wish to renew. All carpeting may be cleaned with an automotive carpet extractor including cloth seats and headliners. Cigarette smoke and road dust often stain vehicle headliners and trap smells. Automotive Carpet Cleaning with hot solution and high quality equipment removes those stains once and for all.

*Please note that Automotive Carpet Cleaning leaves cloth surfaces and carpet damp for a short period after the procedure is finished. Although professional carpet extractors remove nearly all water, residual amounts of moisture must be evaporated completely by driving the car with heat AND A/C on at the same time.*

Engine Steam Cleaning

Engine Steam Cleaning is an important, yet commonly overlooked service for cars, trucks, buses and machinery. Engine Steam Cleaning Removes accumulations of dirt, grease, grime and road debris from your vehicle’s engine bay. This reduces running temperatures in hot weather while also eliminating the smell of burning oil. Engine Steam Cleaning is an ideal prep service for diagnosing vehicles with oil leaks; finding the source of an oil drip is much easier when the engine block, accessories, and hoses are clean and free from grease. An engine steam cleaning can save you countless dollars in diagnostic work performed by your mechanic, and also improve the outcome of your mechanic’s performance. A clean engine is less likely to have dirt, sand, and grime fall into mechanical parts while a technician is servicing your vehicle.


Engine Steam Cleaning is also a great service for individuals looking to sell their vehicle. A clean, fresh looking engine adds overall value to the vehicle when inspected by professionals. It allows any potentially malfunctioning parts to be easily diagnosed and evaluated, and also allows properly working parts to appear functional and intact. Auto enthusiasts also enjoy a fresh, clean engine that allows it’s custom add-ons to stand out and contribute to the vehicle’s uniqueness.

*Please note that vehicles with carburetors and also pre-1990’s fuel injected vehicles may require extra labor to waterproof distributors, coils & intakes prior to engine steam cleaning. For best results, run all engines for at least 30 minutes after cleaning to evaporate any residual moisture before vehicle sits*

RV Detailing

Western Power Wash & Detail offers mobile RV detailing services to motorhomes, campers, travel trailers, and toy haulers.  Mobile RV Detailing services are conveniently performed at your home, campsite, or storage facility.* Western Power Wash and Detail offers hot water pressure washing with a 425 gallon water tank  that allows RV Detailing services to be performed in virtually any location. RVs parked in remote storage facilities often do not have access to water, posing a challenge to detail the RV correctly. If your motorhome, horse trailer, travel trailer or camper has a moss covered roof from sitting under trees or simply needs the fiberglass restored to render a high gloss finish, Western Power Wash & Detail offers the experience and equipment necessary to do the job right. RV Detailing services include gentle hot water washing, waxing / sealing, compound polishing, window cleaning, interior carpet cleaning and more.
itasca-rv-detailingRV Waxingrv-bus-detailing44' VoltageMotor Home Wash and Waxmobile rv detailinghorse-trailer-detail-2horse-trailer-detailing

*Services performed at storage facilities and RV parks must have approval from property management.

RV Detailing Services & Pricing

Exterior RV Wash:

-Hot Water Wash; aids the removal of tree sap, road grime, and other common surface contaminants

-Includes washing roof, awnings, and slide-outs; removes moss and mold

-RV exterior is blow-dried to minimize water spotting

-Exterior windows are washed and cloth dried

$4.00 per foot for overall length of RV


Exterior RV Waxing:

-Includes specially formulated fiberglass wax with cleaning properties

-Restores shine; protective barrier against the return of tree sap, road grime, and other surface contaminants

-RV stays cleaner longer as dirt particles do not cling to the waxed gel coat as easily

-Removes traces of moss impregnation within the surface of the fiberglass and prevents it’s return

-Includes wheel waxing and tire shine

-Additional $4.50 added to $4.00 per foot for exterior wash; total of $8.50 per foot


Interior RV Detailing:

-Various services available; window cleaning, carpet cleaning, leather treatment, stain removal

-Please call for a detailed quote. 425.301.6502

Boat Detailing

Boat detailing services are great for maintaining the condition and value of your watercraft. If your boat has lost it’s shine due to oxidation and age, it may be time to consider investing in boat detailing. Western Power Wash & Detail offers mobile boat detailing services on land or water, at your location.

Services include complete boat washing, algae removal, fiberglass hull compounding / polishing, waxing, interior detailing, and more. Remarkable attention to detail paired with commercial quality equipment provide customers with outstanding results. Western Power Wash & Detail is equipped with a 425 gallon water tank to accommodate boat detailing of any size vessel, in any location. Hot water is used for boat washing, cleaning removable carpet and washing canvas boat covers, removing the hardest stains for a fresh look, smell, and feel.

Western Power Wash & Detail brings it’s detailing shop to your home, storage facility, or moorage slip for complete boat detailing services.

Before Polish & Wax:

After Polish & Wax:


Before Polish & Wax:


After Polish & Wax:


Interior Boat Detail:


Detailing at Customer’s Location:


Polished & Waxed Hull:


Boat Detailing Pricing:

Express Boat Wash:

$3.00 per foot of total boat length

Hot water wash with gentle boar’s hair brush and thick suds

Boats are blow-dried to remove water for a spot free shine

Decks, railings and platforms are included


Complete Boat Detailing:

$13/foot up to 25 foot boat length, $18/foot for boats longer than 25 feet

Hot water wash with gentle boar’s hair brush and thick suds

Fiberglass is compounded, polished, and waxed

Snap-in carpets are cleaned with hot water

Decks, railings, and platforms are included

Storage lockers and miscellaneous compartments are cleaned

Extra charges may apply for enclosed cabins


Please call 425.301.6502 for a more detailed bid or to schedule an appointment

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Auto Detailing

Western Power Wash & Detail Brings Auto Detailing to Your Home or Work!

Western Power Wash & Detail offers affordable auto detailing services to Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Ridge, Issaquah, Bellevue, North Bend, as well as the greater East Side. High quality auto detailing services increase the value of your vehicle and make driving fun again. Western Power Wash and Detail is set up with mobile detailing equipment to provide complete auto detailing services at your home, office, storage facility, or even at our shop if you prefer to drop your vehicle off.

A careful, methodical approach to paint surface re-conditioning and protection prevents damage to clear coats while rejuvenating the appearance of your vehicle. Often times, auto detailing professionals begin with overly aggressive tools, compounds, and techniques to save time during the polishing process, in turn, compromising the integrity of modern clear coats. Western Power Wash and Detail uses milder polishes and gentler polishing techniques to remove swirls, scratches and blemishes without inflicting permanent damage to the vehicle’s finish.

Periodic auto detailing schedules are available at a discounted rate so your vehicle stays looking and feeling like new without a hassle. Routine auto detailing keeps your vehicle clean and protected from the sun, acid rain, bird droppings, road salt and more. A properly maintained, original factory paint job has the potential of outliving the useful service life of almost any vehicle. Protecting a mirror-like shine with basic auto detailing care is important and will make the purchase of your detail package a long lasting investment.

mobile-auto-detailing-mercedes-benzchevrolet-silverado-auto-detailinglexus-rx-330-mobile-auto-detailingcadillac-ctsv-auto-detailingvehicle interior carpet cleaning extraction

Auto Detailing Services & Pricing


Express Car Wash:

-Hand wash with thick suds and microfiber mitt

-Clean wheels with gentle degreaser and scrub tires

-Blow dry exterior – remaining water is dried with microfiber towels

-Cloth dry window exteriors to eliminate streaks

-Cloth dry door jambs

-Apply tire shine

Compact: $29           

Midsize: $39            

Fullsize: $49


Wash and Wax:

-Includes car wash; *see “express car wash” above*

-Apply synthetic polymer wax for up to 6 months of car paint protection

-Prevents deterioration of vehicle’s finish caused by bird droppings, acid rain, and sunlight

Compact: $79           

Midsize: $89            

Fullsize: $99


Basic Exterior Detail:

-Includes car wash; *see “express car wash” above*

-Clay bar painted finishes; gently removes accumulated road tar and debris

-Single step polish / paint correction process; removes swirls, restores shine

-Polish wheels to remove brake dust and road tar

-Apply synthetic, hydrophobic wax and buff with microfiber

Compact: $109           

Midsize: $139            

Fullsize: $169


Advanced Exterior Detail:

-Includes car wash; *see “express car wash” above*

Steam clean engine compartment and wheel wells

-Clay bar painted finishes; gently removes accumulated road tar and debris

-Double step polish / paint correction process; removes deep swirling, and heavy oxidation

-Deep clean, polish and wax wheels to remove heavy brake dust and road tar

-Apply hydrophobic wax to painted surfaces and buff with microfiber finishing towels

Compact: $139        

Midsize: $189            

Fullsize: $239


Basic Interior Detail:

-Vacuum all carpet, floor mats, door panels, and seats thoroughly

-Clean all windows, LCD screens, gauges, and mirrors with tint-safe, streak free window cleaner

-Clean all door jambs, control panels, vents and dash

-Wipe all plastic trim and leather seats with gentle solution

Compact: $79           

Midsize: $89            

Fullsize: $99


Advanced Interior Detail:

-Vacuum all carpet, floor mats, door panels, and seats to prepare for carpet extraction

-Clean all windows, LCD screens, gauges, and mirrors with tint-safe, streak free window cleaner

-Clean dust and spills from door jambs, control panels, vents, and dash with compressed air

-Clean and condition leather seats with pH balanced formula to renew and moisturize

-Complete Carpet Cleaning with professional carpet extractor

-Spot clean headliner (if entire headliner needs extraction, add $15 to total; any size vehicle)

Compact: $139           

Midsize: $169            

Fullsize: $199


Basic Detail Package:

-Basic Interior and Exterior detail combined

Compact: $169           

Midsize: $225            

Fullsize: $275


Advanced Detail Package:

-Advanced Interior and Exterior Detail Combined

Compact: $265           

Midsize: $345            

Fullsize: $420


Carpet Cleaning:

-Also available with purchase of “Advanced Interior Detail”

-Professional hot water carpet extractor; removes  deep stains and  soils

-Please See Vehicle Interior Carpet Cleaning for more information

Compact: $79           

Midsize: $99            

Fullsize: $119


Engine Steam Cleaning:

-Also available with purchase of “Advanced Exterior Detail”

-Ideal for preparing vehicles to be sold and also diagnosing engine leaks or problems

-Please see Engine Steam Cleaning for more information

Compact: $29           

Midsize: $39           

Fullsize: $49


*Mobile services are subject to $0.80 per mile from Snoqualmie to destination. No extra charge for work performed at shop; call for details (425.301.6502)*

Please call for an auto detailing estimate and more information – 425.301.6502