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Hot Pressure Washing

hot_pressure_washing_oil_stain_removalHot Pressure Washing is highly effective at removing grease, paint, oil stains, and tar from virtually any unwanted surface. Heavy equipment fleets, automotive service facilities and restaurants benefit from the cleaning power of pressurized hot water. Western Power Wash and Detail offers 100% mobile hot pressure washing services for customer convenience. If your business, home, or fleet of machinery is far from a water supply, hauling water to the site is no problem. A high capacity water tank allows for hours of hot pressure washing without access to water. Hot pressure washing is tough on stains. A fully adjustable thermostat allows for water to be adjusted from 100 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, when warm water is preferred over hot.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing is an ideal service for maintaining the professional image of a business. From storefronts and drive thru windows to parking garages and garbage collection areas, Western Power Wash & Detail has the proper tool for the job. Hot water pressure washing is an excellent service for heavy stains that normal cold water pressure washers will not remove. For heavily soiled areas such as grocery store garbage compactors, fast food drive thru lanes, and auto mechanic shops, hot water pressure washing is the only solution. Water temperatures in excess of 200 degrees F not only remove stains, but also leave behind a thoroughly clean surface that is fresh and renewed to attract customers.


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Pressure Washing

Western Power Wash & Detail offers professional pressure washing services at an affordable price. Commercial strength pressure washing allows for the removal of moss, dirt, debris, and oil stains from concrete & other surfaces quickly and completely. Regular concrete maintenance prolongs the life of driveways, patios, and sidewalks. Routine pressure washing and sealing prevents the surface of the concrete from deteriorating, accumulating holes, and pitting. Concrete Sealing helps protect concrete after pressure washing while also providing a lustrous finish that resists stains and loosening of stones. Clean, sealed concrete is perfect for concrete near pools, stairs, and driveways.

Pressure Washing Results:

pressure washing concrete sealing

pressure washing concrete staining

Before and After:


Before and After:


Final Results of Pressure Washing, Staining & Sealing:


Pressure Washing is ideal for homes and businesses alike. Monthly and Bi-Monthly service schedules are available at a discounted rate for hassle-free, dependable maintenance. Maintaining your home or business with a regular service schedule keeps property values high while increasing safety. Slippery moss, mold, and other contaminants on the surface of concrete can pose liability risks to home and business owners if not cleaned on a regular basis. Western Power Wash & Detail offers Mobile Pressure Washing services with a high capacity water tank for hard to reach areas. If water supply is a problem at your location, water may be transported to the site. Pressure washing Rates start at $0.17/per square foot. Please call for a FREE QUOTE – 425.301.6502

If you would like to read about customer experiences, please visit Western Power Wash & Detail’s page on Yelp for more information. For additional contact information, contact Western Power Wash & Detail, LLC.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing and staining services are available for all types of concrete. Concrete sealing gives driveways, patios and walkways a beautiful shine and durable protection, preventing pebbles from chipping out of the aggregate. Sealed concrete resists erosion and offers a comfortable surface to walk on – perfect for patios with furniture and walkways to hot tubs or pools. Aggregate driveways also benefit from a protective concrete sealant as oil stains and moss cannot impregnate porous surfaces as easily when the tiny pores are filled with a hardened sealant. Pressure Washing is typically recommended before concrete sealant is applied to ensure a long lasting protective bond.

Decorative concrete staining is a great way to make the features of stamped concrete draw contrast and capture attention from friends, family,  passers-by, or potential purchasers if your home is on the market. Great for increasing home values and renewing the look of your home, decorative concrete staining is affordable and may be applied to a variety of surfaces. Stain is applied before sealant to lock in colors for crisp, long lasting results.




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