Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing and staining services are available for all types of concrete. Concrete sealing gives driveways, patios and walkways a beautiful shine and durable protection, preventing pebbles from chipping out of the aggregate. Sealed concrete resists erosion and offers a comfortable surface to walk on Рperfect for patios with furniture and walkways to hot tubs or pools. Aggregate driveways also benefit from a protective concrete sealant as oil stains and moss cannot impregnate porous surfaces as easily when the tiny pores are filled with a hardened sealant. Pressure Washing is typically recommended before concrete sealant is applied to ensure a long lasting protective bond.

Decorative concrete staining is a great way to make the features of stamped concrete draw contrast and capture attention from friends, family,  passers-by, or potential purchasers if your home is on the market. Great for increasing home values and renewing the look of your home, decorative concrete staining is affordable and may be applied to a variety of surfaces. Stain is applied before sealant to lock in colors for crisp, long lasting results.




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